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Budwood Selections
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Grey Creek is now taking orders

for 2016, 2017 and 2018

Dormant Rootings

Dormant Grafted Vines

Potted Greenvines

Budwood & Rootstock Cuttings

EIGHT nurseries with one call at no additional cost!

Grey Creek has teamed up with EIGHT California Grapevine Nurseries and one Olive Nursery. This is NOT another nursery consolidation. Grey Creek is providing a service offering you the best quality grapevine materials available in the industry. Price stays the same. Grey Creek will provide the largest selection of grapevine materials with one contact.

Already working with one of these fine nurseries? We can add a new level of customer service and satisfaction to your account. We offer competitive bids for large and small orders.

Call for current availability.






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