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Budwood Selections
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Got Budwood? ...We do!

Grey Creek offers the largest selection of grapevine budwood found anywhere in the United States. We supply the highest quality materials to grape growers in all regions. Grapevine nurseries depend on Grey Creek to supply them with many of their finest selections of varieties and clones in the industry. If you have purchased grapevines from another nursery in the past, there is a good chance that you have already received our quality materials without even knowing it.  We offer owner-operated service, high quality materials and the best selection of budwood anywhere.

Largest Selection of Clones

In cooperation with many different growers and nurserymen, Grey Creek Viticultural Services, Inc. carries all the available Australian, French, German, Italian, VCR, FPS certified, and non-certified California field selections. No other nursery or scionwood supplier can offer you this variety of clonal selection.  Here is one example.

Sauvignon Blanc selections

 Sauv Blanc FPS 01     Sauv Blanc FPS 06     Sauv Blanc FPS 07     Sauv Blanc 378 NC

                                             FPS 01                 FPS 06                  FPS 07                    378 NC

Sauv Blanc Musque NC     Sauv Blanc GCVS A     Sauv Blanc GCVS B

                                                       Musque NC               GCVS A                 GCVS B

Take a look at our list of selections.




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